After long hard days & nights of negotiating our Freedom, each forefather had their own favorite to get them by.

Little known fact, Hancock was the wealthiest man of the Colonies, after inheriting a mercantile business. He gave it it all up for Freedom, except his love for his Blueberry Donuts. Rumor has it he signed his name first and large to make sure he got another donut.


John Adams was known for being the biggest perfectionist, and he adored his wife, Abigail. As Adams structured our freedom, Abigail structured the perfect blend of butter, rice cereal, and marshmallow. As we can taste, Abigail was also a perfectionist.


With the largest temper, this Forefather of Freedom would calm his nerves with a succulent Strawberry Parfait. The super sweet strawberry, mixed with sweet cream and delicious crust were just the right layers to calm him down.


Little known fact about the best orator of Freedom was he suffered throat pains. This delightful Lemon Meringue Pie was his perfect remedy. Sweet juicy lemon, accompanied by the rich sweet meringue, left him inspired to document Liberty.


Patrick Henry was known for being the biggest instigator, and thought it was important to keep the tropps unified and motivated. That must be why he uttered his famous quote, "Give me Liberty or give me Peach Cobbler."


Just as the founders of this country came together in Philadelphia to fight for their Freedom and Independence, Liberty Vapor sought insight and to pay homage to the Great Minds that gathered to form the Liberty of this country.

We support and fight our own battles to keep the freedom of Vaping!


Blueberry Donut


Rice Cereal Treat


Strawberry Parfait


Lemon Meringue Pie


Peach Cobbler

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