WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Due to the Pact Act, we will no longer be shipping vape products. Please visit your nearest Liberty Vapor

About us



Liberty Vapor is a family business founded by two cousins Brian and Ron. Both are from different parts of Philadelphia, PA. Each of them have a history with Vaping and business. Brian and Ron both used E-cigarettes to help them quit smoking in 2006-2007, and haven't smoked since! They have lived the evolution of electronic cigarette products. Brian and Ron had similiar motivations to achieve a "smoke-free" lifestyle. They both had dear family members battle cancer, and Brian has 2 young children, that he promised he would change his life for. Brian and Ron both ran their separate service companies, while talking "Vapor" once in awhile. Over the years Ron began developing e-liquid recipes, and running some E-cig forums. Brian and Ron decided that merging their knowledge, resources, and love for vapor, would be a successful recipe. Liberty Vapor's goal is to provide only premium, American Made e-juice, and sell only quality devices and products. Liberty Vapor also takes pride in offering top store front locations with the best customer service and atmosphere to explain and sample the smoke-free lifestyle. After years of research and preparation, Ron and Brian opened the doors to their first brick and mortar in Phoenixville on May 20, 2013. Stop in, hang out with us, and inhale freedom!